AppWarp S2 On-Premise
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  • I've again and again been very impressed with by the App42/Shephertz company's customer support. I've been working in the software and telecom industry (lately at Sony Mobile) for many years and rarely seen this kind of responsiveness.Fredrik Nilsask
    founder and owner of NorthView HB,
    a mobile software development company
  • ShepHertz has one of the most dynamic, talented and energetic teams I have worked with. They have not only developed a deep catalogue of APIs across Nokia and Windows Phone platforms, they have displayed exemplary skills in agile development. Having attended numerous Nokia developer bootcamps, they have rapidly evolved their offerings to match the developer expectations. Development lifecycle and therefore time to market has been cut dramatically for our developers thanks to their products.Jasmeet Gandhi
    Head- Services Mktg. & Devices, Nokia
  • I believe that ShepHertz ecosystem approach to support App development in the cloud, across App platforms is a excellent way to both simplify and reduce development time.Kent Bogestam
    CTO, Cumbari AB
  • It is great service to manage our data for Games and Application. We have used Leaderboard and social components for our games. We are satisfied with their service and technology.Virat Khutal
    Founder & CEO, Twist Mobile
SDK’s Supported
  • android sdk index
  • ios sdk index
  • windows sdk index
  • html5 sdk index
  • flash sdk index
  • cocos2d sdk index
  • unity3d sdk index
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Easy to Get Started with AppWarp

A basic multiplayer game is as easy as 4 simple steps
  • Connect
  • Join and Subscribe a room
  • Send messages to update other players in the room
  • Handle messages from other players

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game cloud management index

Game Cloud Management with no server side coding

AppWarp cloud solution is designed so developers don’t need to do any server side coding. Features which allow this
  • Room properties
  • Connection resiliency to persist user state during intermittent connectivity issues.
  • Integrate with App42 backend.
  • Lock and Unlock room properties to arbitrate conflicts from the client
  • Associate custom user data.

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tutorial and sample index

Samples and Tutorials for easy integration

  • Complete game samples with full source code help you quickly get going.
  • Code walk throughs, video tutorials and detailed documentation available for all platforms.

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increase engagement index

Increase engagement with your Users

Your game can be made more engaging by using our App42 cloud backend services
  • Social Leader boards
  • Reward Management
  • Buddy and Avatar management
  • Push notifications

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pricing index
Pay as you Grow with our Pricing
  • No restriction on CCUs so you don’t need to pay extra for spikes in your games usage.
  • We bill developers based on the number of messages their app exchanges with the AppWarp server over a month.
  • Save on upfront deployment cost as first 3 months are free giving you enough time to play around.

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analytics index
In-Game Analytics Feature
App42 backend allows you to monitor detailed analytics of your app
  • API and storage usage graphs
  • Pivot tables for advanced analytics
  • Monitor the time spent by the user in each game screen

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