Cocos2dx multiplayer

Build Multiplayer Games for

iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10

using AppWarp and Cocos2d-X

Setup AppWarp Cocos2d-X

SDK and Start Coding for iOS

and Android

ninja fight demo
cocos2dx Sample Walkthrough

Cocos2d-X Sample

Walkthrough for Ninja Shoot

Demo Game

Explore More
Cocos2dx matchmaking properties

Matchmaking Made Simple

Support quick play modes, add
and update properties of rooms,
and reduces the amount of time spent scanning for the desired
game rooms

cocos2dx Room Properties

Room Properties

Create a room for a specific
purpose or associate any meta
data with it. Specify this as a collection of properties

C++ Multiplayer SDK

Using AppWarp C++ SDK

WarpClient provides an interface
for applications to interact with the cloud services.

C++ API Reference

AppWarp C++ API Reference

Here is the link for Reference
Guide for AppWarp C++ SDK.

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