Q. What is AppWarp?
AppWarp is a cross-platform realtime multiplayer gaming network platform on the cloud. It allows developers to build interactive virtual world games and apps on top of the client side SDKs provided for all popular devices.
Q. Why should I use AppWarp?
Interaction with the backend is a crucial aspect of building realtime multiplayer games and this requires expertise in network I/O and server side deployment. This includes developing a scalable architecture, managing multiple client sessions and the server side business logic required for virtual worlds. This is where AppWarp comes in and helps you! You just need to concentrate on your application logic and develop UI code for your application and delegate all the server side development to us.
Q. How much will this cost me?
You can check AppWarp’s Pricing plans. We have packages starting from 0$ to 100$. If you have more requirements you can always contact us for enterprise plan
Q. What devices are supported?
SDKs are available for iOs, Android, Windows phone 7.1 and J2ME devices.
Q. I am HTML5 developer, do you have a javascript SDK I can use?
Yes, we have just released a javascript SDK using websockets that you can use to build interactive multiplayer games. The great thing is that you don’t need any browser plugin to be installed for using the SDK.
Q. Do you have any examples I can look at for getting started?
Yes, you can check out the dev center. It walks you through the process of building a multiplayer game using AppWarp and provides a link to complete source code.
Q. What makes AppWarp run at warp speed?
AppWarp uses a binary protocol to provide interaction between devices through the cloud. This is faster then text based protocols because of reduced message length. For instance to send a command to create a room, a text based protocol would in addition to the room parameters send “create room”. This means an overhead of 10 bytes of ASCII data. In our binary protocol, we can send the same information in just 2 bytes using our custom encoding/decoding schemes.
Q. Does AppWarp work on TCP or UDP?
AppWarp control all work on TCP. However in-room update APIs are available in both flavors. This gives you the flexibility of using either protocol you feel fit for your scenario.