Room and Lobby logic

In Built Room/ Lobby Logic

  • Realtime APIs to join/leave, subscribe/unsubscribe, edit room properties
  • APIs to join a room as a observer or join the game play

Matchmaking Made Simple

  • Add various properties of a room like user level, max users in a room and more.
  • Matchmaking on the basis of properties of a room and number of users in a room
Matchmaking Marmalade
Marmalade Sample App

Sample App with Marmalade

  • Check out our Sample App fully integrated with Marmalade
Integration with App42

Customized Social Leaderboard

Customizable Leaderboard with rich set of features to get your users to interact and stay engaged.

Social leader board
Reward Management

Reward Management

Increase your game’s active game play time with Reward Management.

Buddy Management

Comprehensive solution for Buddy Management. Invite, challenge users.

Buddy Management
Avatar Management

Avatar Management

Create and manage custom avatar. Import existing avatars/status message from Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn.

Integration with App42
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