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Flash Client Event Result Codes

public static const success:int = 0;
public static const auth_error:int = 1;
public static const resource_not_found:int = 2;
public static const resource_moved:int = 3;
public static const bad_request:int = 4;	
public static const connection_error:int = 5;	
public static const unknown_error:int = 6;
public static const size_error:int = 7;
public static const api_not_found:int = 8;


The request was successfully received and processed by the server.


The session id sent in the request was incorrect. This can happen if the client connects without initializing with the correct keys.


The resource for which the request was intended is not known to the server. For example a bad room id is given to a joinRoom request.


The resource for which the request was intended to has moved to a state where it can’t process the request. For example, if a client sends a chat or sendUpdate message and the connected user is not present in any room.


This is an unexpected error. Retrying the request is recommended if this happens.


This occurs if the parameters passed to the request are invalid. For example if null or empty string is passed in the roomId parameter of a joinRoom request.


This occurs if the underlying TCP connection with AppWarp cloud service got broken. The client will need to reconnect to the service and retry the operation.


This occurs if invalid API Key was used during initialization