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Using AppHQ

AppWarp is designed to help developers manage real time messaging and building multiplayer games and applications by offloading the heavy lifting of developing and deploying the backend. Here are the steps enlisted and detailed that will allow you to use AppWarp and App42 Cloud platforms as well as that will show you how can you create a room for your game.

Registering in AppHQ

Sign up on AppHQ. Skip this step and go to Step 2 if you already have an account.

Sign Up

Enter your details at the page

AppHQ Registration Step 2

Signing In To AppHQ

Sign in to your account once your account is created.

Sign In

Enter your username and password

Sign in

Note : If you are on old UI, click on Appwarp Dashboard to navigate on new UI as shown below.

Creating an App

Creating an App

Navigate to App Manager > Create App.Enter your application name and select the desired Zone , for example, select “US“ from the dropdown as shown below. Enter the name of organization and description and click on Submit.

App creation

Congratulations! You have successfully created an app on our platform. Note down the API Key and Secret Key of your newly created app.

AppHQ App creation

Creating a room

Now you can create a room for your AppWarp app for players to join and exchange messages. Navigate to Room Manager. Select the app from the drop down and click on Create Room as shown below

Select the app from the drop down and click on Create Room as shown below.

Create a Room

Enter the required information and click submit.

Select App

The room is now created. They can be filtered by the room type and zone, entered by you during the room creation process.

Add Room

Kindly note down its ID for future use in your code from View Users.

Room is created