AppWarp S2
Authoritative Multiplayer Gaming Engine
AppWarp S2
  • Host Your Own Customized Gaming Server
  • Build MMOs, Casual PvPs & Casino Style Card Games
  • Add Server-side Authentication for Stricter Admission Control
  • Build Your Own Custom Logic
  • Invoke RPCs on the Server from Client
Game Cloud Management
Real Time Multiplayer Gaming Server Platform
Game Cloud Management
  • Restore Client State after Reconnecting Using Connection Resiliency
  • Reduce Latency by Picking a Geo Location of Your Choice
  • Supports Quick Play Modes with Matchmaking
  • Virtual Worlds, Customizable Rooms & Lobbies
  • Extended Support to Over 18 Platforms
Gaming Backend APIs
Complete Backend Solution for Game Developers
Gaming Backend APIs
  • Allow Gamers to Create & Manage Avatars
  • Create Your Own Buddy Group & Leaderboard on Top of that Group
  • Time Based Leaderboard Like Daily, Weekly or Monthly Top Scorers
  • Complete Reward Management for Your Games
  • Allow Users to Challenge their Peers & Post on Friends’ Walls

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