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HTML5 Multiplayer Game Development

We are excited to introduce our javascript SDK for AppWarp. This will allow developers to quickly build engaging real-time multiplayer HTML5 games and apps. Our javascript SDK uses websocket technology for fast asynchronous communication with other clients through the cloud. This is better as it does away with the inconvenient AJAX polling paradigm and doesn’t require any browser plugin to be installed. Read more benefits about websockets here. In a nutshell, it means your network communication layer is lightweight and fast.

Download HTML5 old SDKs and samples API Usage Guide Complete API Reference


html5 Sample 1

The Chat App Walkthrough

We will create a simple realtime chat application, `The Chat App`, by integrating with AppWarp.
View the code walk-through

Chat 1
Chat 2
html5 Sample 1

Jungle Chaos

Jungle Chaos is a side scrolling Jump-n-Run game. It has both single player and multi-player mode. Set in jungle, you play as a monkey. Compete with your Facebook friends and share your score on your wall.
View the code walk-through

Play here