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Xamarin Multiplayer Game Development

Xamarin has developed a powerful platform on top of Mono which allows developers to build Native iOS and Android apps using C#. This is great for .Net/C# developers who want to build iOS/Android apps but are not experienced in Objective-C or JAVA. Another advantage of using Mono is that you can share almost all of your client-side business logic if you are building an app for both Android and iOS.

You can now build cross-platform iOS and Android games and apps on top of the Mono platform using AppWarp cloud gaming network. Unlike many 3rd party iOS/Android libraries which require developers to write a proxy/projection layer on-top of them when including in a MonoProject – AppWarp Mono library works as is. This is because we have specially built a Mono compatible flavor of our SDK eliminating this pain point for developers.


Xamarin Sample 1

Xamarin Chat App Walkthrough

We will create a simple iOS and Android Chat application, using AppWarpMono library.
View the code walk-through